Air Transportation


You should shop around for the best deals on airfare. Students can save a lot of money on airfare if they look for deals early and often. Many airlines reserve a certain number of student tickets on each flight.

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Tips on getting a cheap flight:

  1. Book early. Don’t wait until the week before or even two weeks before you leave to get your flight!
  2. Be flexible with your travel dates. If you don’t have a determined date to arrive, check different days.
  3. If you can easily drive to another airport, don’t limit your options. Try seeing if the rate changes by flying out of Atlanta, Memphis, Jackson, or somewhere near your hometown.
  4. Avoid travelling on weekends and holidays. You can usually get a cheaper flight midweek.
  5. It is much cheaper to buy a round-trip ticket than to buy two one-way tickets! If you are not sure when you are returning, invest in an open ticket. It is cheaper than buying two one-way tickets. Furthermore, in order to enter many countries, you must show proof that you have already purchased a return flight or that you will be continuing your travel elsewhere.


For an updated list of prohibited items and travel regulations, it is highly recommended that you visit the Transportation Security Administration’s website "For Travelers".

If you decide to lock your bags, invest in TSA locks that can be opened easily by airport staff with a master key. If you do not use these locks, they may break your lock to gain access to your bags.

Before heading to the airport, call your airline or check their website to confirm your flight time. Allow two hours to check in before domestic flights and three hours for international flights. If you have an e-ticket, take the confirmation number or e-ticket locater with you to the airport.

A few tips for the airport…Don’t leave your baggage unattended. Don’t accept packages from strangers. Have your boarding pass and passport out before you go through security. Wear shoes that can be taken off easily. Don’t wear a belt unless you want to take it on and off repeatedly to pass through security.