CISI Insurance

Mississippi State University has negotiated a customized study abroad insurance plan and rate for all MSU students, faculty and staff, Policy # GLM N10893124 Policy # GLM N10893124. The plan is through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), a leader in study abroad insurance. The cost is $46.25/month and provides comprehensive coverage for accidents, sicknesses, emergency medical/security evacuation and 24/7 phone and e-mail assistance while you are abroad. All faculty-led programs include this cost in the program fee. Insurance is purchased by the Office of Study Abroad on behalf of faculty-led program participants through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).

Other affiliated programs, including exchange and direct-enroll programs, do not include sufficient health insurance in their program fee. Therefore, students studying abroad with these programs may need to purchase additional coverage.

CISI's Team Assist

Team Assist is available to assist students when they are traveling abroad and need help accessing health care services. Services include translation, provider referral, emergency medical evacuation, emergency medical reunion services, medical monitoring, guarantee of payments, and prescription drug replacement.

All services must be arranged through the Assistance Provider. Team Assist provides services and expenses are paid up to the amount shown on the Schedule of Benefits. If you require Team Assist assistance, your ID number is your policy number. In the U.S., call (855) 327-1411, worldwide call (01-312) 935-1703 (collect calls accepted) or e-mail

Insurance Enrollment

If you are participating in a non-Faulty Led program and wish to enroll in MSU's coverage through CISI please contact for the CISI Self-Enrollment insurance link. Enrollment with your credit card is quick and easy and your personalized insurance materials are e-mailed directly to you for printing, sharing with parents/advisors/authorities and saving for your future reference! Please contact OSA today for the CISI Self-Enrollment insurance link (Please note: you must enroll at least 7 days before you depart the U.S.).