Office of Study Abroad

In Between by Anna Zollicoffer - Paris France

"In Between” by Anna Zollicoffer; Paris, France

The Office of Study Abroad (OSA) offers the students and faculty of Mississippi State University the opportunity to explore academic opportunities outside of the United States. Students have three options to study abroad, which are described below. To view a complete list of program offerings click here.

MSU Faculty Led-Programs

Students go abroad with their MSU classmates to take MSU courses led by MSU faculty members. These programs are short-term and typically occur during spring or summer break. Students are responsible for tuition and travel costs.

Spring Break 2018 Faculty-led Programs

Summer 2018 Faculty-led Programs

Faculty-led proposals for Summer 2018 are due to our office September 15. Check back in the beginning of October for Summer 2018 Faculty-led Program offerings.

Exchange Programs

Mississippi State University holds tuition exchange agreements with a number of universities abroad. Exchange programs are usually semester in length and pre-approved course credits will transfer back to MSU. Students will pay their regular tuition to MSU, not the host university. Click here to view our current options.

Affiliated Provider Company Programs

If students are not able to find suitable Faculty-Led or Exchange options, we recommend they use our affiliated third-party companies. These companies typically handle housing, course registration, insurance, excursions, and more. All payments are made to the company and pre-approved course credit will transfer back to MSU. Some programs offer service learning or internship options too. Our affiliate companies include: