Academic Credit

Types of Credit

Prag Trdelnik” by William Spencer; Prague, Czech Republic

  1. MSU Credit - this credit is available to courses that are faculty-led programs taught by MSU faculty. Students receive a letter grade (A-F) for their course experience and no course approval form needs to be completed before leaving for the MSU study abroad program.
  2. Transfer Credit - this credit is transferred from another institution to MSU, as is the case with Exchange and Provider Company programs. Students receive a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory grade (S or U) for these courses, not a letter grade. In order to receive transfer credit for study abroad, students are required to fill out the Study Abroad Course Approval form BEFORE leaving on the study abroad program.

Course Approval Form

Students participating in exchange or provider company programs will have to fill out a Course Approval Form (CAF) with their Academic Advisor in order to guarantee credit transfer back to MSU. The form can be accessed on the student’s OSA application and must be signed by an Academic Advisor, Department Head, and Dean before being dropped off at the Registrar’s office. Once the form cycles its way back to our office, we will update the student’s OSA application with it.