Minor in International Studies

Beginning Fall 2017, the minor in International Studies has been moved from the International Institute to the College of Art & Sciences. The International Studies Minor will continue to be offered and further developed, in order to encompass new approaches to the study of International Studies and incorporate the enhancement of students' career opportunities. The new contact person will be Dr. Vasabjit Banerjee at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration vb479@msstate.edu. For the upcoming Fall 2017 semester, the Introduction to Global Studies course (ISE 1103) will not be offered. It will be substituted with the Introduction to International Relations course (PS 1313; section 01; Course Code 33458, MWF, 11:00AM-11:50AM in Allen Hall, room #12). Should you have any questions about these changes please contact Dr. Nicole Rader, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Arts & Sciences at nrader@deanas.msstate.edu