General Documents


Keep passport valid. Recommended that you keep it valid at least six months into the future.
Check with your country’s consulate to renew or replace a passport.


  • White card usually stapled in the passport.
  • Shows that you entered the country in a legal status.
  • Should have your class of admission (F-1, J-1, etc), the day you entered and an expiration date. For F-1’s and J-1’s, the expiration should say D/S. This stands for Duration of Status and means that you may remain in the US as long as you continue to have a valid I-20/DS-2019 and pursue the objective listed on that particular document. Anyone who has a specific date written in the space for expiration should bring this to the attention of the IS office.


  • I-20-Document for F status
  • DS-2019 - Document for J status.
  • Shows program of study, finances and start and end dates. End date is very important. If you will not graduate by the end date listed you must request a program extension prior to the expiration date. Visit the International Services website for details.


  • Required for entry into the U.S. except for Canadian citizens.
  • Shows the dates, number of times and purpose for which it can be used.
  • Might expire while you are here and that is ok. It only needs to be valid at the time of each entry to the U.S.
  • Renewal cannot be done within the U.S. Can only be done by application at a U.S. consulate/embassy. Highly recommended that the request be made in the home country.

Grace Periods

The grace period refers to a period of time during which you are able to stay in the US to prepare for departure or a change to another status. Employment is not allowed during the grace period.

F Status

  • 60 days following graduation/completion of program objective.
  • 15 days after authorized (by IS office) withdrawal from the university.
  • 0 days for unauthorized withdrawal.

J Status

  • 30 days following graduation/completion of program objective