Directing a Study Abroad Program

Faculty Resoruces

The Office of Study Abroad (OSA) is excited that you are interested in developing a study abroad program. The information here should help you create the program, attract students, and have a successful study abroad experience.


  • Spring Break 2018 programs - proposal due July 14, 2017
  • Summer 2018 programs - proposal due September 15, 2017
  • College of Arts and Sciences proposals must be submitted to Nicole Rader in the Dean's Office one week prior to the OSA deadline
  1. Getting Started

    Summer Prior to Program
  2. Proposal is Approved

    • Begin recruiting students to participate in your program through directed emails, interest meetings, class visits, social media, and tabling.
    • Submit all contracts to the Office of Procurement and Contracts.
    • Begin UCCC approval process for courses not listed in the course catalog.
    • Participate in OSA’s Fall Study Abroad Fair in the Union.
    • Keep in contact with your Coordinator to be sure we have all the necessary information.
  3. Application is Live

    • Continue recruitment efforts.
    • Participate in OSA’s Spring Study Abroad Fair.
    • Begin reviewing student applications.
    • Complete your A-04 International Travel Form.
  4. Application Deadline Hits

    • Accept student to your program.
    • Remind students of the MSU Study Abroad Scholarship deadline (first week of March).
    • OSA will transfer student payments to your account in two separate transfers. Once you receive the funds, begin to make payments for your program.
    • Encourage students to complete their applications, so OSA can give them permission to register in your course.
    • Hold a Pre-Departure Meeting for your students before they go home for the summer.
    • Remind students to attend one of the mandatory in-person Outbound Orientation sessions.
    • Attend the Faculty Outbound Orientation.
  5. Pre-Departure

    • Touch base with OSA to confirm that we have all the necessary information regarding your program.
    • Complete the STEP Information Request Form and International Insurance Information Request Form.
  6. Depart!