Steps when traveling abroad

  • Passport: Apply for a passport or renew an out of date passport- more information available:
  • Visa: Check to see if you need a visa to enter the country you are visiting. Country specific entry and exit information is located at:
  • MSU Travel Form: Fill out the required MSU international travel form, A-04:
  • Health Insurance: Purchase international health insurance. Your MSU employee insurance will only cover your health care expenses at an out-of-network rate while overseas, and will not cover some essential international services. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance to cover medical evacuation, bedside visits, and repatriation of remains. Such insurance is normally $1.00-$2.00 per day. More information can be found at: /abroad/before/health/index.php
  • Vaccinations: Check to see if you need to be vaccinated. For some destinations a vaccination may be required or highly encouraged. The Longest Student Health Center provides vaccinations as well as health care information for the international traveler: The Center for Disease Control’s travel website includes information that may be helpful to you as well:
  • Ticket Purchase: When planning a business trip through the University contract travel agency, the employee has the option of purchasing public carrier transportation with personal funds (with reimbursement upon return) or by charging the transportation cost to the University's EBTA account.
  • Travel Advance: Apply for a travel advance, if necessary. The form can be downloaded from the MSU Travel website at:
  • Clean Laptop: MSU employees are able to receive a clean laptop through the Laptop Loan Program that is offered by the Office of Research Security. More information about this program is located at:
  • STEP Registration: We suggest that all United States citizens register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) before traveling abroad. The U.S. Embassy can only help you during a disaster or emergency if they know where you are. You can do this free of charge online before you leave the country at:
  • Travel Information: Check final travel information before departure. The U.S. Department of State updates its website daily to provide the most up to date information for those traveling abroad. Please familiarize yourself with its tips, travel warnings, and more at
  • Receipts: All receipts must be kept for proper and timely reimbursement. According to State policy, “Officers and employees of the State and political subdivisions shall be reimbursed the actual cost of meals incidental to official travel, not to exceed the following daily maximums for the specific location or assignment.”
  • Reimbursement form: Upon return you must complete travel reimbursement form (AO-5) within 10 business days. This form is to be completed on light green paper.
  • Travel Guideline: Additional information can be located at or
  • International Cell Phone Request: The steps to request and use an international cell phone are listed below. Please be aware that it is strictly against MSU Policy to use these cell phones for personal use.

    1) The Wireless Communication Request form (with attached justification) will be completed and routed through the Department Head, Dean, Vice President, and President.

    2) The Traveler must print, read, and sign The Wireless Communication Operating Policy OP 01.15, Wireless Communication Devices and Plans. The signed copy should be kept in the Traveler's personnel file in their department.

    3) Once approved, a loaner international phone may be requested, picked up, and returned to C Spire through the following process:

      a. An inquiry sent to to request the loaner phone should include the Traveler's Name, Mississippi State University, MSU Department Name, Department Mailing Address, Traveler's Destination, and Travel Dates.

      b. An Order Number will be established from the inquiry to C Spire.

      c. An iPhone 5 may be picked up at C Spire, Starkville with the appropriate Order Number.

      d. Upon return from travel, a request must be sent to to de-activate the phone.

      e. The departmental ITS contact may be requested to wipe the phone clean prior to returning the unit.

      f. The telephone and any accessories must be returned to C Spire, Starkville.

    4) The Department will be billed for the phone's use. The bill may be paid through direct pay or with a departmental pro card, along with a copy of the approved Wireless Communication Request form and justification

  • MSU Employee Health Insurance Coverage outside the US: MSU Employees carrying the employee BCBS insurance will be able to use this policy for health/ medical illness outside the United States. However, any services will be treated as an out-of-network providers thus the insurance carrier will only cover 60% of charges after deductibles have been met. Prescription costs are not affected by international travel and medication coverage is the same though the Traveler must pay out of pocket for prescription medications at the time of service and can later file a claim for reimbursement. All claims to insurance must be translated into English, and it is the responsibility of the Traveler to assure the claim has been correctly filed with the insurance company along with a claim form. Please contact your insurance provider for further information, as there may be caps on out of pocket expenses based upon your plan.