City of Starkville

Cotton District

Starkville exudes the famous small-town charm and hospitality that characterizes the Southern United States. Because Mississippi State University and Starkville work together to form a richly cultural, diverse, and welcoming atmosphere, students at the ESL Center feel immediately welcome in this small town of approximately 23,000 residents.

Since Starkville’s average yearly temperature is 62° Fahrenheit (17° Celsius), life in Starkville and MSU revolves around outdoor activity. On a typical day, one sees people strolling or jogging down University Drive, which offers a wide array of shops and restaurants to appeal to every taste. Fortunately, the ESL Center is located on University Drive, so students only have to walk 10-15 minutes to reach Starkville’s best shops and restaurants.

Except when the town is cheering on its Bulldogs at one of many MSU athletic events, Starkville offers a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere that attracts people of all ages and backgrounds.

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