• 08/09/16- Visit with the International Institute at New Faculty Orientation

    Mississippi State University's Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President will host a new faculty orientation on Tuesday, August 9 at The Mill Conference Center from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Representatives from the International Institute will be available to answer questions about our different divisions that serve our faculty such as the Office of Study Abroad, the International Services Office, the English Language Institute, International Research Development, International Recruitment & Retention, and International Communications & Protocol. These units within the Institute cover a broad range of international services to support and promote globalization internally on campus and through external outreach.

    The English Language Institute serves as home to international students who are working to improve their English proficiency in preparation for matriculation into MSU. The International Services Office provides immigration services for faculty and students, as well as assistance for faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad. The Institute provides international recruitment services with an aim to leverage resources and attract talent to MSU through the International Recruitment and Retention Office. The Office of Study Abroad is responsible for providing support for faculty and students to study, observe, and understand divergent cultures internationally.

    The University’s strengths in research and capacity-building make it well positioned to address many of the world’s more challenging problems. MSU faculty and researchers collaborate with international counterparts to improve academic and research capabilities, to share knowledge, and to address global challenges that require international cooperation on a range of technical, scientific, and policy expertise. The International Research Development unit aids in promoting the skills and expertise of our students and faculty and identifies potential interdisciplinary research and outreach activities. Through the International Communications and Protocol division, MSU facilitates international partnerships that impact on a global scale and welcomes meaningful university-to-university exchanges and collaborations with international counterparts. Lastly, the International Institute develops, promotes, and aids faculty and student engagement in international scholarly and research activities by maintaining relationships with sponsoring agencies such as the Fulbright Foundation.