• 06/21/15- MSU Students Take Recruitment Efforts to India

    Pune, India--Recruitment efforts at Mississippi State University have gone global thanks to the work of a few dedicated students.

    During the summer evening of Sunday, June 21, four Mississippi State students, along with their parents, hosted a reception for students and parents who were interested in learning more about the university. Sophomore computer science student, Meenakshi Das, a student worker at MSU’s International Institute, initiated the coordination of the event to allow parents of prospective students to learn more about the university.

    “My main reason was that parents are anxious to send off their children all by themselves to a different country,” said the native of India, “so it was a chance for them to know about the university as well as meet parents of other students going to the university.”

    Karin Lee, MSU’s Director of International Undergraduate Recruitment, appeared at the event via a Google Hangout video call to help answer questions. She stated that the event and the work of the MSU students who organized it was amazing.

    “It was truly remarkable,” said Lee. “They came to me and wanted to do this to promote their university. I was blown away.”

    With the help of other current students, Das began to work with the International Institute to plan the event. A group of 70 admitted and prospective students and their parents gathered at the Le Meridien Hotel in the midst of monsoon season to discuss the opportunities that Mississippi State has to offer young scholars.

    Senior student Amesh Daga said those who were seeking information about the university had even more questions they could have anticipated.

    “We were supposed to wrap things up by 6 o’clock,” said the Business Administration major, “but we had to extend until 7 because of the tsunami of questions flowing in!”

    Recent MSU graduate and current graduate student Mukti Patel, the coordinator for the event, said that she believes the reception would lead to an increase in the number of students from India.

    She said, “I am sure we will be having a lot of students this fall!”

    Lee stated that the spirit and commitment of this group of students made an unparalleled impact on the prospective students.

    “This event allowed us to make a personal connection with these students and their parents,” the director said, “and without the help of our current students and their parents, it would not have been possible.”

    Their work was indeed successful as 14 students from Pune are currently enrolled at the university. Events like the Pune Reception are one of the many ways that the International Institute is expanding international recruitment efforts for Mississippi State.

    By taking an initiative to teach the people of Pune more about Mississippi State, Das believed she was able to help ease the minds of parents.

    She said, “When they got to know about MSU’s accomplishments and the warmth of Southern hospitality, they were very positive about sending their children here.”

    The sophomore said that she would enjoy the opportunity to host another reception for incoming students next summer.

    “I love my university,” she said, “and would be glad to talk about it again.”