The International Institute is announcing the 2018-2019 Global Development Seed Grant program (GDSG). The purpose of the GDSG is to seed new or emerging international partnerships that develop and enhance MSU’s competitiveness and ability to secure external funding for international research and international development projects. It is the goal of the International Institute for the GDSG to demonstrate a positive return on the investments for MSU.

The International Institute is eager to support faculty interested in the GDSG program. We are looking for innovative project and ideas. For faculty who have creative ideas but need partners both on campus and/or internationally to be successful, the International Institute will assist you in developing your ideas.

Program Objectives

  1. Align with the Office of Research and Economic Development 2018 research priorities. Proposals should clearly articulate the link to MSU research priorities. (See Research Focus Areas PDF linked on this page, http://www.president.msstate.edu/excellence.php)
  2. Develop international experience for research and development in early- and mid-career faculty.
  3. Increase the opportunities for future funding for research and international development activities.
    1. Proposals must identify specific and concrete opportunities for future funding. Priority will be given to projects that lead to submission of a proposal for external funding during the term of the grant.

In addition to meeting the objectives noted above, priority will be given in the following areas.

  • Projects targeting future funding from USAID or other international development funding agencies. The proposals should have an emphasis on research for development.
  • Projects building partnerships in the European Union leading toward Horizon 2020 funding or other EU available funding.
  • Cross-college collaborations.

Award Information
Proposal Due Date: October 15, 2018
Available Funding: Not to exceed $5000
Match Requirements: Budget must include departmental funds
Period of Performance: Twelve (12) months from start of the award
Award Notification: No later than November 16, 2018

Submission Requirements

For questions or assistance relating to a disability, please contact Shauncey Hill at shill@international.msstate.edu or 662.325.8929.

The 2018 funding cycle is currently closed.

2018 Award Recipients:
Title: “Autonomic Security for Next Generation Health Care Systems”
PI: Dr. Stefano Iannucci, BCOE Computer Science & Engineering
Dr. Ioana Banicescu, BCOE Computer Science & Engineering
II Award: $7,000

Title: “Building a Sustainable Collaboration between MSU and Multiple Universities in Chengdu Metropolitan on Chemical Research and Education”
PI: Dr. Dongmao Zhang, A&S Chemistry
Dr. Dennis Smith, A&S Chemistry
II Award: $5,000

Title: “Managing Zoonosis Through Integration of Wildlife Ecology and Wildlife-Human Conflict Resolution”
PI: Dr. Scott Rush, CFR Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture
Dr. Henry Wan, CVM Basic Science
Dr. Francisco Vilella, USGS Conservation Biology
II Award: $6,500

*The award amount reflects the funds provided by the International Institute. The projects were co-funded by the recipients’ department and college.

The purpose of the “Global Discovery” seed grant program is to catalyze international activities with high potential to leverage external funding and promote high impact, scalable, scholarly, & creative activities or capacity building, while creating international education opportunities for students. Co-funded by DAFVM and ORED, the Global Discovery Seed Grant is administered through the International Institute.

Global Discovery seed grants support individual or teams of faculty to undertake creative, catalytic, innovative, and interdisciplinary cross-unit collaborations with a high likelihood to leverage external funding and/or with significant potential to grow MSU’s international reach, reputation, or ranking. Successful activities will be characterized by the quality of the ideas, likelihood of securing significant benefits (such as external funding), potential for long-term impact, and the necessity of unique contributions from global partners. Global Discovery seed grants will also promote the accomplishment of International Institute objectives including growing the quality/quantity of:

  • internationally co-authored publications,
  • international students or visiting scholars,
  • external funding for international projects, or
  • MSU students going abroad on meaningful study and/or research internships or exchanges.

Projects should demonstrate relevance to MSU’s research & development goals and align with department, college, and International Institute strategic international priorities. Ideas that leverage support from international and/or U.S. funders, deepen or extend global research networks, stimulate international co-authorship and/or private sector collaboration, and integrate international education activities or international research experiences for students will be given preference. The 2017-18 academic year may give preference to projects involving China, India, Italy, Japan, Morocco, and South Korea. All excellent ideas, anywhere in the world, are welcome.

Eligibility: MSU faculty
Range of Awards: $500-$15,000 (as appropriate)
Matching: Proposals should have the support of departments and colleges as demonstrated by in-kind, cash match, or other tangible commitments.

PIs must send an email and set up an appointment to discuss their ideas with Shauncey Hill, Director of Global Research Development shill@international.msstate.edu to determine if the proposed activities will be encouraged to submit a proposal.

If invited, Global Discovery proposals must include a narrative that describes who is involved (including international partners) and their roles, project objectives, why the activity is important, and how it will meet the stated goals of “Global Discovery” detailed above. Proposals must provide evidence the project will meet its objectives and achieve expected results, including listing targeted funding agencies (if known).  Letters (or emails) of Support from international partners are highly encouraged.

Whether or not an activity is selected for funding, each idea/proposal will receive attention and feedback, and each PI or team will receive a Global SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis, including a list of potential funding options and recommendations on next steps. The Institute will continue to support each PI or team in order to maximize each proposal’s potential for success.

If invited, submission requirements will include a Cover Page with signatures, a Narrative description (2-pages, PDF preferred), a 1-page Budget including cost share/in-kind contributions, and no more than 3 Letters/Emails of Support from international partners. Email to shill@international.msstate.edu. Proposals submitted without invitation will be returned without review.

Ideas and conversations may be started anytime, the earlier the better. Review of invited proposals will commence after November 1, 2017 for projects to begin as early January 2018. PI’s should keep activities limited to 1-year; however, exceptional ideas may be extended beyond December 2018.

Review Elements will include:

  • Innovativeness/Impact/Scalability
  • Alignment to MSU priorities
  • Likelihood of promoting “Global Discovery” goals
  • Potential to leverage external funding
  • Quality of the international partnerships