Global Connections and Capacity

Mississippi State University is committed to international partnerships and impact on a global scale. The university's strengths in capacity-building make it well positioned to address many of the world's most challenging problems. The university's well-known capabilities in high-performance computing, analytical instrumentation, molecular biology and genetics specialties can be put to work on developing solutions to international partners' geological, engineering, water, and agricultural challenges.

Positive example of applying Mississippi States' expertise on a global scale include enhancing quality of life, boosting food production and security, increasing national security, developing disease tracking and mitigation strategies, and nurturing technology development and adoption.

For example, the university and the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization are working together on projects addressing food safety and nutrition, agriculture, poverty issues relating to children and environmental sustainability.

"Our mission is to extend knowledge that improves lives, and I believe the work of our institution can have an impact around the world," says Mississippi State University President Dr. Mark E. Keenum, a former Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Commitment for Research: As the state of Mississippi's only Carnegie Very High Research Activity institution, Mississippi State possesses research strengths across all colleges and is home to discipline-leading research centers. Of special note, MSU also holds Carnegie Foundation's Community Engagement Classification. The designations illustrate Mississippi State's research commitment and capabilities, as well as the university's culture of engagement with the communities it serves.